Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tea please

"Come, lets brew up a nice pot of tea". It used to be simple. Pungent, woody tea leaves covered the bottom of that teapot you always burned your knuckles on, boiling water stirred in and left to simmer. A minute pause and you'd pour into thin china cups through a strainer, dark and strong.
Now, when the call is for "A cup of tea, please" - you need a T.LLB degree.
If you thought you had it nailed with Earl Grey, you're not even close.
The offer begins with a variety of infusions, with ginger and lemon, mango and acai, Herbal teas, chai, green Rooibos with added star anise, maybe a little apple and cinnamon, a squeeze of lemon and a whirl of hibiscus, rosehip with a crush of rhododendron, peppermint tea and new chrysanthemum blossom with a pinch of bergamot oil. A tea for all seasons, antioxidants to promote wisdom, health and happiness.
I'm so spun out with choices...I'll go for the coffee!
Certainly sir, percolated or french press, Costa Rican or Brazilian, cup or mug...
What about a glass of water...well there's tap, spring, still, added minerals, flavoured...
Jeez! What does it take to get a drink around here?
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